Urban projects

With over half the global population residing in urban areas, well-managed urbanisation is key to sustainable growth, fostering productivity and innovation. Public amenities play a vital role in enhancing living standards and socio-economic integration.
Our sector expertise includes integrated urban projects that enhance public spaces and incorporate the restoration or adaptive reuse of heritage buildings. Our portfolio extends to urban regeneration, slum upgrading, designing public amenities, and comprehensive urban design.
We embed robust green building principles into our designs, going beyond high-tech solutions to include traditional building concepts that offer sustainability while complementing contemporary design aesthetics.

Our services

Surveys, analyses and assessments at national, regional and local level
Policies, legal frameworks, strategies and action programmes
Urban regeneration plans, slum upgrading, urban design schemes
Capacity building and training
Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
Topographic and architectural surveys
Architectural design, 3D and 4D visualization
Graphic design and visual communications

Key projects

Urban upgrading of the Djaga-Bouldhouq slum


Master plan for the Free Zone of Grand-Bassam

Ivory Coast

Urban upgrading of Berat and Përmet