Upgrading of the BRIDEC vocational training centre in Gaborone



Government of Botswana

Joint venture

Cotecno Gandalf (Italy), Keios (Italy)


Gaborone, Botswana


1998 – 1999

Project Description

Within the framework of the Botswana 8th National Development Plan, the project concerned the up-grading of the BRIDEC vocational training centre, located in Gaborone.

The existing facilities was up-graded and transformed into a teacher-training centre and a service centre serving all departments of the Ministry of Education. This objective was achieved by re-organizing the functional layout, refurbishing the existing buildings and adding new facilities.

The new centre includes offices, a conference room and the learning spaces: seminar rooms, workshops, the library, an ITC centre, a computer lab, a video production lab and a video-conference facility. The complex includes also a dining room and hostel accommodation with 160 beds.

The overall surface of the centre is approximately 36,500 sqm, while the surface of the buildings is approximately 4,000 sqm.

Scope of Services

Design brief, scheme design.