New building of law and economics faculties | Cassino



University of Cassino


Cassino, Italy


1997 – 2004 (design)
1998 – 2002 (construction)

Project Description

The project included both the urban-scale design of a master plan for the new campus of Cassino University and the detail design of the new Law and Economics Faculty buildings.

The master plan concerned a large area, that will accommodate the expansion of the University, with an overall surface of 28.5 hectares and an overall building volume of 285,000 cubic meters.

The master plan emerged out of the need to provide the University with a planning and programming tool to ensure the coherence of the building expansions that will be gradually implemented in the Folcara area, as related to increasing needs and budget availability.

The master plan included the street network, public spaces, municipal infrastructures, a number of new university buildings and a coordinated system of soft-landscaped and green areas.

The campus is organized around a central green spine – a park with a surface of approximately 12 hectares.

The new Law and Economics Faculty buildings is a multi-storey building, over 40 m high, with both steel and reinforced concrete structures. The volume of the building is around 141,000 cubicmeters.

Scope of Services

  • Urban planning (campus).
  • Detail design (building of Law and Economics Faculties).