Urban regeneration of the area ‘Carrières Centrales’ | Casablanca



Agence Urbaine de Casablanca

Joint venture

Cabinet Lazrak (Morocco), Keios (Italy)


Casablanca, Morocco


2008 – 2016

Project Description

Carrières Centrales is the most ancient shanty-town of Casablanca.

The objective of the project is the urban renewal of the entire urban sector and the transformation of the area of the shanty-town for the creation of a city park of approximately 40 hectares with city-scale public facilities.

The outputs delivered by the team include:

  • urban analysis of the site (public spaces, roads, morphology, social aspects, etc.);
  • formulation of different development scenarios ;
    preparation of the master plan for the site and of the related program;
  • general and architectural plans of landmark buildings;
  • project implementation program.

Scope of Services

  • Urban analysis.
  • Master plan.
  • Detailed plan.