Regeneration and modernization of Boutilimit



Projet Ville Nouvelle de Boutilimit

Joint venture

BNETD (Ivory Coast), Keios (Italy), Cotecno (Italy)


Boutilimit, Mauritania


2008 – 2009

Project Description

Boutilimit Boutilimit is located 150 km east of Nouakchott. It is a small urban centre of approximately 30,000 inhabitants.

This study is part of the project ” Ville Nouvelle de Boutilimit ” funded by the Emirate of Qatar.

The objective of the project is revitalizing the city, improving the quality of life of the population and creating perspectives of economic development.

Indeed, Boutilimit has suffered since the 1970s of uncontrolled urbanization due to the massive exodus of rural populations affected by the adverse effects of drought. All this resulted in failures in the areas of urban services (health, water, education, housing) thereby causing an increase in unemployment and worsening poverty.

The specific tasks of the study include:

  • development of a comprehensive urban analysis of the city in all of its dimensions (population, household survey, conducting an aerial photograph and an orthophoto plan, land tenure, housing, social infrastructure, city’s economy, environment);
  • formulation of three urban development scenarios within an horizon of 20-25 years, that will be evaluated through an assessment of strengths, weaknesses and risks, their social and environmental impacts, ease of implementation and timeframe required;
  • the preferred option will then be refined and further developed to produce a master plan;
  • finally, the consultancy team will prepare detailed designs for the infrastructure and facilities required to meet the needs of the population and associated with the chosen  option.

Scope of Services

  • Urban analysis.
  • Formulation of urban development scenarios.
  • Master plan.
  • Preliminary architectural studies.