Urban upgrading of Abastumani



Municipal Development Fund
(World Bank/RDP III – Third Regional Development Project)


Abastumani, Georgia

Joint venture

Keios Srl (Italy), CMC LLC (Georgia)


2018 – 2020

Project Description

One of the famous and popular resorts in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Abastumani is a tiny settlement along the Otskhi River, located in the southern part of Georgia in Adigeni Municipality.

The town, with a very diverse micro-climate, is distinguished for high touristic and recreational potential, being a climate, spa and tourist resort simultaneously – a potential that presently is underutilized.

Considerable part of the town presents strong historic and architectural values. Abastumani architecture is a unique blend of European, Georgian and Russian style preserved from the 19th and built in early 20th century. There are around 122 monuments of cultural heritage located in this which allow to state that the entire Abastumani is a cultural heritage monument.

Against this backdrop, the Third Regional Development Project (RDP III), funded by the World Bank, supports the Government of Georgia to strengthen the economic base of Abastumani and the living conditions of its inhabitants through investments that will improve its chances of becoming a viable tourism hub.

The purpose of this assignment was to develop an integrated urban design concept, based on a clear and shared development vision, identifying an investment program, and developing preliminary designs for the implementation of select priority projects.

The cost of investment projects is 21 million USD.

Scope of Services

Preparation of a vision statement and of an urban design concept; list of priority investment projects; preliminary design of a selection of identified investment projects.