Urban upgrading of the Djaga-Bouldhouq slum



Agence de Réhabilitation Urbaine et du Logement Social (ARULoS)



Joint venture

Keios (Italy), FS (Djibouti)


2021 – underway

Project description

With 23,000 inhabitants, Djaga-Bouldhouq is a slum within one of the most populated areas of Djibouti-city. The area covers 16 ha and its geographical location places it at the lowest point of the Djibouti peninsula with serious risks of flooding.
The general objective of the assignment is to develop studies aimed at upgrading and development of the Djaga-Bouldhouq slum, including a baseline assessment, an urban upgrading plan, development regulation, preliminary/detailed design and environmental/social impact analysis towards the preparation of the bidding documents for priority investment works (infrastructure and equipments).

Scope of Services

Baseline assessment (including topographic and social surveys), urban upgrading plan, development control regulations, preliminary and detailed design of priority works, environmental and social impact analysis, bidding documents.