Keios is thrilled to be part of the development of the Tourism Master Plan for the Panjakent and Fann Mountains areas, along with the Khujand area in Tajikistan. This initiative, guided by the Committee for Tourism Development (CTD) and supported by the Asian Development Bank, is set to make a significant impact.
Our recent awareness workshops in Tajikistan played a vital role in bringing together public and private sector stakeholders. The primary goal was to ensure everyone’s active participation and collaboration in our assignment.
The first workshop took place in Dushanbe on December 11th, under the chairmanship of Mr. Muminzod Kamoliddin, Chairman of CTD. This event saw the participation of Mr. Raffaele Gorjux, Director of Keios, and Mr. Peter Nizette, Keios Team Leader, along with their teams.
Another noteworthy workshop was hosted in Khujand on December 13th. This session, chaired by Mr. Anvar Jakubi, Deputy Chairman of the Sughd Region, and led by Mr. Peter Nizette, Keios Team Leader, continued our mission of fostering awareness, building crucial connections, and securing future collaborations for this consultancy.
Our journey in Tajikistan is gaining momentum, and we’ll be sharing more updates as we continue making strides in this remarkable venture!