Demand and destination site evaluation & assessment of potential tourism sites

The Gambia


Ministry of Tourism and Culture


The Gambia


2023 – underway

Project description

The purpose of this project is to conduct a demand and destination site assessment for key tourism sites and areas in The Gambia. This is aimed at strengthening the branding of the destination and diversifying the Country’s tourism products.

The consultancy will develop and deploy a sound scoring methodology to prioritize a long list of 51 tourism sites and areas with the greatest tourism demand potential. It will provide integrated support in the sequencing, evaluation, selection, and design of necessary upgrades in the top 10 prioritized tourism sites. The assessment will evaluate different types of tourist attraction sites grouped according to global tourism market to highlight any strengths and potential for brand development based on well-defined performance and responsiveness indicators.

The assessment will also consider climate and hazard risks, community engagement, and gender considerations.

Scope of Services

Inception, Destination Assessment and Prioritisation of 51 sites, project briefs of 10 select sites