Structure Plan of Djibouti-City



Government of Djibouti (Djibouti Social Development Agency)




2012 – 2014

Project Description

Djibouti-city hosts almost 80% (approx. 650,000 inhabitants) of the total Country population. In recent years, the city has experienced a continuous urban growth (3% per year), accompanied by an informal and unbalanced spatial occupation posing many challenges in terms of urban poverty, access to base services, housing, living conditions, environmental threats, etc.

The objective of the mandate was to elaborate, through a participatory and cross-sectoral approach, a coherent and realistic Master Plan aimed at defining the framework of sustainable urban development of the city by addressing its socio-economic needs and expectations.

The ultimate goal of the master plan is to position Djibouti-city as a competitive, open and socio-economically inclusive and equitable city-pole in the region.

Scope of Services

Elaboration of the Master Plan through different phases such as: analysis of existing conditions, elaboration of a preliminary framework, draft and final master plan.