Development of tourism destinations

Sierra Leone


World Bank/Economic Diversification Project (EDSP)


Sierra Leone


2019 – 2021

Scope of services

Sierra Leone’s tourism sector remains in a pre-emergent stage, with promising post-war growth in visitor arrivals and investment cut short by the Ebola crisis. Despite these recent setbacks, including Covid-19, the country’s tourism sector has substantial potential to be a key economic driver.

Against this backdrop, the WB is assisting the Government of Sierra Leone to improve the general tourism environment, the market access and the tourism products and services through the “Economic Diversification Project” (approved in July 2020).

Keios has been hired by the World Bank to provide support in the evaluation, selection and design of public space upgrades in select tourism destinations. This has been achieved through a participative and iterative process started from a set of 12 potential destinations that have been evaluated and prioritized to achieve a final selection of the most feasible and promising 6 destinations, for which we have developed detailed project sheets for implementation under the WB project.

Scope of Services

Preliminary studies and GIS analysis; feasibility studies for 12 sites ; evaluation and selection of priority destinations; technical project sheets for 6 selected destinations.