Sustainable Tourism Master Plan



Government of Rwanda
Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MINICOM)
World Bank – Governance for Competitiveness G4C Technical Assistance Project





Project Description

The Government of Rwanda recognizes tourism as a priority sector and as such has dedicated its full support behind its promotion, growth and development. The country has the natural and cultural resource base upon which to develop a sustainable industry on the one hand and, on the other, take advantage of the expanding global market for international travel and tourism.

The main purpose of the consultancy is to assist the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) by revising and reformulating the national Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and preparing action plans in the following areas:

  • product diversification;
  • marketing and branding;
  • capacity development;
  • implementation framework; and
  • strategic plans for seven destination areas.

Scope of Services

STMP review and implementation framework, Product diversification action plan, Marketing and branding action plan, Capacity development action plan, Strategic plans for the seven destination areas.