Preservation and development of Douala’s cultural heritage



Douala Urban Cuncil

Joint venture

Cotecno Gandalf (Italy) Keios (Italy)


Douala, Cameroon



Project Description

The city of Douala today houses an estimated population of two million inhabitants. The long history of this city gives it an urban and architectural heritage, which, if adequately protected and developed, can contribute to the image of the city as well as to create income generating activities and employment.

The overall objective of the study was the promotion of sustainable development through the protection and development of the built heritage of Douala.

The envisaged strategic approach included four specific components, namely:

  • establishment of a legislative and institutional framework able to ensure the protection, the sustainable use and the efficient management of Douala’s cultural heritage;
  • conservation of the built heritage itself;
  • development of the cultural heritage as an economic resource, through initiatives generating revenues and jobs in the fields of culture, urban revitalization, tourism, trade, handicrafts and services;
  • participation at all levels and equitable distribution of economic benefits.

The feasibility study was carried out by an integrated team of international and local experts in various fields of specialization.

The activities were implemented in two phases. The first one focused on research and analysis, including the preparation of an inventory of the built heritage and the evaluation of initiatives in the cultural sector. Subsequently, the second phase covered both the definition of a sustainable development strategy and subsequently the preparation of a prioritized action programme.

Scope of Services

  • Inventory of the built heritage of Douala.
  • Definition of a sustainable development strategy through the protection and development of the built heritage.
  • Preparation of a programme of priority actions.