Structure plans ofof Ruyigi, Rutana, Cankuzo and Mwaro



Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Equipment
Road Authority




2017 – 2018

Project Description

This project was part of the actions undertaken by the Government of Burundi with the support of the African Development Bank to develop urban planning tools for urban centres other than the capital Bujumbura.

The objective of this consultancy was to carry out a planning process involving local authorities and other stakeholders, which has resulted in the Master plans of four municipalities, namely Cankuzo (262 ha with 48,000 inhabitants), Mwaro (106 ha with 273,000 inhabitants), Rutana (247 ha with 55,000 inhabitants) and Ruyigi (495 ha with 57,000 inhabitants).

The Master plans are based on the criteria of sustainable development and strategic planning, enabling each municipality a better practice of urban planning, and contribute to creating development hubs. They have been adapted to the limited capacity of towns in terms of planning and available resources and to a rapidly changing urban context. The Master plans have been elaborated through a strong participatory approach.

Scope of Services

Preparation of the four master plans through the following phases: preliminary studies; draft master plans; final master plans.