Local urban plans for the cities of Ali Sabieh, Arta, Dikhil, Obock et Tadjourah



Agence de Réhabilitation Urbaine et du Logement Social (ARULoS)



Joint venture

Keios (Italy), FS (Djibouti)


2022 – underway

Project description

The five cities of Ali Sabieh, Arta, Dikhil, Obock and Tadjourah, the main towns in Djibouti’s regions, play a crucial role in the development challenges facing the country, particularly in terms of economic and social growth that can counterbalance the exodus to the capital and create the necessary conditions for decent housing. In order to better manage these challenges, the Structure Plans of the five cities were prepared in 2014.
In this context, the African Development Bank is assisting the Government of Djibouti through the “Project to Support the Development of Socio-Economic Infrastructure and the Promotion of Economic Activities in the Regions (PARISER)”.
Keios has been hired for the preparation of Local Urban Plans for the new development zones for housing and socio-economic activities and for slum upgrading, for each of the five towns.
The establishment of these documents is expected to increase the capacity to keep under control the land use in the new development zones, and to upgrade the slums in order to improve the economic and social development opportunities of Djibouti’s secondary towns.

Scope of Services

Assessment of the current situation; drafting of preliminary development sketches; drafting of development plans for the extension zones and upgrading plans for the slums.