Local development plan for the new urban centre of Chwiter | Marrakech



Maremco (Ader-Fes)

Joint venture

Keios (Italy), ABT (Italy)


Marrakech, Morocco



Project Description

The site is located 15 km from Marrakech, in a beautiful landscape setting, where agricultural flatland, the river and the High Atlas mountains meet.

The vision is that of a new low-density urban centre, located in a strategic position, with a specific vocation within the urban system of Marrakech, characterized by a balanced relationship with the surrounding territory, and conceived with advanced environmental sustainability criteria.

The new urban centre will be established on approximately 400 hectares and will deliver a mixed housing offer, equipped with all the required public facilities, for a population of approximately 72,000 inhabitants.

Productive activities will include areas for the development of both small handicrafts (integrated with the housing) and medium-sized handicrafts (light industry). Non-polluting agro-industry activities will underline the liaison of Chwiter with its agricultural land.

A pole of large-scale equipments for the youth is also foreseen, to face the strong need for this kind of facilities in a wide catchment area.

Scope of Services

  • Master plan.
  • Detailed plan.
  • Preliminary architectural studies.