National Tourism Master Plan



Ministry of Trade and Industry




2017 – 2020

Project description

The Poverty Reduction Strategy for Lesotho recognizes that to make better use of its natural beauty and existing infrastructures, Lesotho needs to attract more tourists. Against this backdrop, the African Development Bank is assisting the Government of Lesotho through the Economic Diversification Support Project (EDSP).

One of the EDSP actions is to facilitate strengthening of policy environment and capacity for economic diversification within the Ministries of Trade and Industry and Tourism, Environment and Culture.

The overall objective of this consultancy was to strengthen the national tourism policy and legal framework and to enhance destination planning and management.

The activities have been developed through several stages, including a preliminary assessment of the tourism potential of Lesotho, the preparation of a revised legal framework, including the National Tourism Policy and Tourism Act, the preparation of the National Tourism Master Plan that will be completed by Tourism Area Development Plans and an overall action plan for effective implementation.

Scope of Services

Tourism sector diagnostic, preparation of the National Tourism Policy and of the Tourism Act, National Tourism Master Plan, Tourism Area Development Plans, Action Plan and Final project closure report.