Heritage trails in the Medina of Fez



Government of Morocco (ADER-FES)

Joint venture

Cotecno Gandalf (Italy), Keios (Italy), Bureau AKB


Fez, Morocco


2001-2003: design
2003-2005: works

Project Description

The outstanding cultural value of the Fez Medina has been acknowledged by UNESCO by inscribing it in the World Heritage List since 1981. The city is an environmental, urban and architectural continuum of outstanding charm, great complexity and extraordinary beauty, with a surface of approximately 350 hectares, entirely pedestrian.

Against this background, the World Bank funded an extensive program of rehabilitation and improvement of the Medina. One of the most important actions is based on a structure of thematic heritage trails, with the aim of supporting the visit of the historic core.

Based on the structure of the six thematic circuits, with an extension of approximately 19.5 km, the project included four main  components:

  • urban restoration, involving approximately 1,000 m of the ancient street network;
  • services system, including the adaptive re-use of some ruined buildings and the rehabilitation of ten traditional ablutions;
  • restoration of some historic Andalusian gardens;
  • signage system, expressly designed for the urban environment of theMedina.

A guidebook of the circuits and a detailed map of the Medina were also prepared to complement the signage system.

Scope of Services

  • Preliminary, scheme and detail design.
  • Cost – benefit analysis.
  • Works supervision.
  • Preparation of the circuits’ guidebook and of the Medina map.